101 Crochet Stitch Patterns and Edgings


I’ve had this book in my hands for a few weeks and have used it a couple times to try out a new stitch pattern.  I wanted to share it with my the group at my local Crochet Club to get their input before I wrote a review.  There are a lot of ‘Stitch Bible’ type publications out there.  What makes this one different, better?

The first thing I liked about this book is that it contains a stitch pattern I’ve been looking for for TEN YEARS!  It’s a ripple pattern they call Swatch 44.  It needs a name!  Let’s just say that it is a ripple pattern that resembles the old Feather and Fan pattern – but different.  Now, isn’t that helpful?  LOL.  For me, even if this book offered nothing else, it would be valuable because of this single pattern!

I passed the book around at the March meeting of the St. Louis Crochet Club to hear what others had to say.  Several spoke up pretty quickly – A-, B+, very good, different than other collections.  These are all good comments from people whose crochet is familiar to me, varying levels of expertise, but all devoted crocheters.  So, this book gets an A from me.

The book has only a single deficit in my opinion – no diagrams or charts!  Good written descriptions and excellent, clear, close-up photos, but no diagrams.  Still, it gets an A.  In addition tot he 101 Stitch Patterns and Edgings, there are two attractive sampler afghans.  This would be an especially good choice for a beginner who is put off by diagrams and prefers the written patterns – as I did for many years before I tackled and mastered reading diagrams.

Book Specs:

Annies Attic Book #8712

Published 2012

128 pages

ISBN 9781596354067

List Price $19.95 USD


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