2013 Crochet, Here We Come!

Time is running out for 2012 and we’ll soon be welcoming 2013.  I’m not huge on making New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I’ve decided to make a few resolutions regarding my crochet.

1. Use up stash on hand

2. Get rid of yarn that in my stash that I’ll never use

3. Purchase only the best yarn for each project rather than looking for the least expensive alternative.  Given all the time I put into each project, it deserves the very best.

These are my resolutions.  What are yours?


And, here’s a bonus for you.  You can get the free pattern Clock Pattern and fantastic tutorial (including non-crochet elements) on Matt’s site.


  1. Barbara says

    About the same although # 2 is hard:-) I said the same thing last year and have only made a dent.

  2. nancy d says

    I agree with your 3. And add make sure I really like the pattern. And if its something for me, it will look good on me and fit properly! I don’t even like to think how much time I have wasted starting something, only to end up pulling it out because it didn’t look right!

  3. Shannon says

    Yours are all good but I would add for me 4. Finish all unfinished projects from 2012 before starting any new projects in 2013. 5. Plan better so that my crochet gifts can be completed without having to stay up late for multiple nights to finish gifts in time. 6. Stop downloading every “cute” pattern I see but know I will never make (pin to Pininterest instead). 7. Finish setting up my blog so that I can share more with others (this is for all crafts).

  4. says

    I love your intentions for 2013, especially the one to purchase quality yarn (and supplies) rather than the most affordable. I am also going to add to my list to be more active on ravelry to check patterns rather than getting frustrated and using this resource after the fact.

  5. Anne says

    I would like to finish all uncompleted projects before starting new ones but I think I might make it work if I do one old and then one new.

  6. ronnieT says

    1). Using stash yarn…
    2). Try not to buy yarn for “just because, or just in case”
    3). Finish at least one wip per quarter
    4). If any yarn is leftover from a project, add it to one of the many long term projects…crochet versions of scrap quilts – no time limits on these, as they are driven by yarn type/weight/content
    5). Work on any project every evening – destress and be creative

  7. says

    I made your #3 a resolution a few years back and I have never regretted it! Now yes I do have a stash, but it’s all good stuff! So if I need something for a particular project, I’m very likely to find it in my “yarn shop” in the attic! Life is short, I spend a lot of it crocheting, and I refuse to crochet with scratchy yarn I can’t stand. Instead I buy only “good stuff” that’s pleasing to both my eyes and hands, using coupons and sales when I can.

  8. says

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