6 Crocheted Pet Projects


Crafting items for your pets can be both functional and whimsical – who else but a sweet little dachshund could pull off a jacket that makes him look like a mustard covered hot dog?  Collars and toys can be created in traditional or wild color schemes.  Outfits can be made for warmth or as a statement making costume.   No matter what you make for your four legged best friend, they’ll always thank you with a warm snuggle or wag of their tail.  Here are six fun little projects to crochet for your favorite furry pal.


Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy

Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy – Tubachingching


Cat Nest - Zaraza crochet

Cat Nest – Zaraza crochet



Whiskey Barrell Pouch - Niftynnifer

Whiskey Barrell Pouch – Niftynnifer


Hot Dog Coat - Caron

Hot Dog Coat – Caron


Dog Bone Toy - Make It Messy

Dog Bone Toy – Make It Messy


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