A Brief Aside

When I’m not crocheting (and working and walking and dancing and doing other non-crochety things), I’m often doing other kinds of crafting.  One of the benefit of crafting that is especially close to my heart is the repurposing of what might otherwise be called trash.  I found this book at the library recently and wanted to share a bit about it with you.

Before running across this nifty book, I’d never heard of Danny Seo.  Now, I’m a fan!  Unlike many of the so-called ‘upcycling’ books and websites I’ve seen, this book is full of items that one might actually use and enjoy owning.  No macaroni embellished cigar boxes or toilet tissue wreaths.  The items in this book are truly upcycled – that is, they are an improvement over the often humble items from which they are composed.

While there’s not a whole lot of crochet in this book, there are two things I wanted to bring to your attention.  First, Seo uses a lacy fabric or doily as a stencil to spray a mist of white paint on a wood cabinet to create a lovely, ethereal design.  Second, sturdy looking doilies are used to embellish simple square pillows that appear to be made of some strong fabric like menswear suiting.  The juxtaposition of the lacy doilies with the masculine looking backing fabric is stunning.

There are lots and lots of other grand projects and ideas in this book.  You can get a better idea of Seo’s creative mind at his website www.dannyseo.com.  If you’re like me and truly appreciate the creative genius in others, you’ll enjoy this guy’s work!


  1. Claire says

    Oh, Mr.Seo!!! I first saw him on the Nate Berkus Show and fell in love with his home. So much of what he does IS doable and beautiful, and it shows when you see items from his book in his own space. Great designer, I can’t wait to get my hands on his book!!

  2. LauraJ Conklin says

    I love Danny Seo’s books. He’s very creative and practical, too. I got my hands on this book at the library, too, but would love to have my own copy!

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