A Crochet Mistake

cro mistake 0514Sometimes this is what you get when you set out to make a beanie for charity.  No, not me!  You can read a bit more about it here. But, even tho’ this is supposed to be a failure, I love it!!  I love the colors and the shape and its soft appearance.  I think I’d put a pin on the back and wear it as a broach or sew it to a headband and wear it as a fascinator or something similar.  What do you think??

And, have you made a crochet mistake and discovered that you really liked the results?  I think that’s how freeform crochet probably got its start.  But, I feel sure that other ‘mistakes’ have become design elements and have resulted in new stitch patterns, motifs, and total projects.  Wish I had made this one.


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    Yups! Made many. I just cut the thread/yarn, stsrt over fresh and get to the point that I can start to use the thread/yarn piece in my re-do projectS Pretty, the little item that you posted!

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