Have you ever heard the name Alice Fowler?  I just heard of her for the first time today!


She designed many, many lovely things for baby.  None of  her patterns is in print at this time, but thanks tot he wonders of the internet and the work of devoted follower(s) of Alice Fowler, some of her patterns are available to us.

Don’t you wonder how many other talented crochet designers have been lost in the mist of time?  One of my favorites is Jessie Abularach.  I have 4 of her books (really leaflets) which are crammed full of patterns and color photos.  Jessie is the creator of one of my favorite babyghan patterns, something she called 1,2,3 as I recall.  I work it from memory now as it’s so simple, suited to any size yarn, and works up quickly into a lovely textured afghan for baby.  I think the 1,2,3  afghan is pictured on the cover of Volume 1:

Although Alice Fowler’s designs were created fifty years ago, some of them are refreshingly modern.  Others have truly vintage appeal.  Whichever era you prefer, you’re likely to find a lot of inspiration in the Fowler designs.


  1. Doris says

    Hola: Las prendas antiguamente eran muy elaboradas Realmente son una obra de arte.

  2. Freddee says

    I remember this booklet, I even have it somewhere. I’ll have to dig it out, I have a new grandson and been looking on the internet for a baby blanket. I think I even have another booklet that she had out also.

  3. says

    Love Alice Fowler’s patterns and have a few pictures of items I have crocheted with her patterns in my blog. Her patterns are truly wonderful.

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