A Handmade Christmas

This is such a charming book that if you craft gifts other than crocheted, you’ll want to nab a copy of it for yourself.   Many of the projects are fiber based, but there is also knitting, paper crafting and some sewing.  As for crochet, there is the cutest amigurumi reindeer, a homey granny square garland, and an adorable Santa Kit that includes all the treats the kiddies will need to leave out for Santa – carrots for his reindeer, a decorated mincemeat pie, and a bottle of ‘cheer’.

The projects in this book all fall into the beginner or ‘low’ intermediate crafter skill level, so fear not if you want to try out something new.  As for me, one evening I’ll be setting aside my yarn and hook to make a String of Stars from some of my old Christmas cards or scrapbooking paper.

You’ll find this book both visually appealing and craft inspiring.  It looks as if it was printed in the mid 20th century with its soft color palette and gentle illustrations – but the photos are 21st century.

Book Spec:

Mollie Makes Christmas, Interweave Press, October, 2012

Hardback (8X8 inches), 96 pages

ISBN:  9781620331019

$12.95 USD


  1. Candice Cannon says

    I have been working on a homemade Christmas for the past month…this would be a terrific book for some fresh inspiration. Thank you.

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