Normally, I’m not a huge fan of crocheted collars.  First, I have no neck!  Second, I hate having much around my neck.   Third, I don’t seem to have anything in my wardrobe that needs one.  That is, until I saw this one!  It’s so simple and pretty.  I think it would be a wonderful embellishment to any simple top.  What do you think?


The designer, Rachel, shows the collar finished off with a thin ribbon.  I like that look too, but it would look better on me without the ribbon.  Simpler is better for me!  Rachel also points out that this is a really quick project.  Choosing the right yarn might take longer than actually crocheting the collar!


  1. Ann Chg says

    I’d like to see fuller last rows, It appears to wimp off at closing…I agree made as shown A better choice would be to wear with closing in back. Needs better finish. Ann Chg.

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