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Crochet Eyeglass Case


Do you have as many pairs of ‘cheaters’ as I do?  I have 2 pair at work.  I have a pair in the bathroom, one on my nightstand, one for crochet, one for the computer, one in the kitchen, and, of course, one in my purse.  This cute case is just the right protection for them.  While I typically purchase mine at the Dollar Store (per my Ophthalmologist’s instruction), when I find a really good pair, I like to protect them from being scratched.  My favorite pair for crochet is now about five years old.  They are ‘just right’ and that’s saying something.

crochet eyeglass case lining

Allison has created this cute case and offers a free tutorial with lots of helpful pictures.  But, when i see a project like this, I usually shrug and pass it by because of having to sew the lining in.  Aha!  Allison has solved that dilemma.  Even I can sew on a button, but she’s got a great way to glue that lining in.  Her secret is out!

PS  – One thing I think I’d add for the eyeglass case that would get battered around in my purse would be a sheet of plastic canvas material between the outer shell and the lining.  Cheap and easy to cut and add to this simple project.

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