A Wreath For Valentine?

Yes!  I think this lovely, understated wreath would look fab with a pretty heart added to it.  First, you follow the tutorial here to make the wreath.

Simple Wreath


Then, you crochet one or more hearts to add to the wreath to make this the perfect Valentine Day decoration.  How about one of these?

A Dangling Heart Ornament


or a Danish Heart like you used to make with strips of paper?



You can play with the gauge of the heart to get it just right for your wreath.  You can go simple or glitz it up with some sparkly yarns.  This could be some serious fun!


  1. heidi says

    how can I find TriciaPatLyn’s crocheted wreath on grapevine with sunflowers,it is so beautiful-is there a tutorial or website?

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