I’m a magazine junkie! There – the truth is out. I don’t subscribe to all of the magazines that I love, but I do check them out from the library, buy them at thrift stores and garage sales, and use my 40% off coupons at craft stores to purchase issues I just can’t live without.

This issue of Adorn Magazine has only two crochet projects in it, but it’s a great issue. One project is Amigurumi which doesn’t speak to me nearly the way it speaks to a lot of crocheters. Another project is entitled Sea Shawl (stats on page 86) and is one that is embellished with crochet on a premade shawl rather than crocheting a shawl from scratch. But, this thing is BEAUTIFUL! It’s a white shawl that is enhanced with glass faceted beads and topstitching with Filatura Di Crosa gold metallic yarn using an E hook and a J hook. You could use this idea on other projects but the shawl depicted in this issue of the magazine is especially charming.

This magazine is one of a new breed of magazine that is devoted to recycling, reusing, and repurposing items in your wardrobe, home, recycle bin, thrift store, mom’s closet, etc. Items for home decor, garments, shoes, toys, trinkets, jewelry – you name it, they find a way to update it with buttons (highlighted in this issue), thread, sewing, gems, beads, wallpaper, old jeans – the list is truly endless. This stuff is very inspirational for a thrift store junkie like me. Hope you can check out the mag at your local bookstore or library.


  1. GJ Amber says

    Crochet, recycling and frugal-three of my passions. Thank you for mentioning this magazine. Your editorials are varied and very much enjoyed-Thanks for the effort you put into them


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