I awoke today to a white out! That’s unusual for St. Louis. We get snow and lots of cold days, but we don’t often get a lot of snow and it doesn’t stick around too long. There have been years, however, when we had snow on the ground for 60 straight days – and days that were colder than Alaska. Brrr. I DO love Summer. The only good thing about snow days is: you can snuggle under an afghan you’re working on, you can make snow-cream, you can catch up on soap operas, you can flip thru all your crochet books, OR you could surf the net to check out other blogs! So, here are some sites I’ve visited AND enjoyed. My criteria for enjoyment may not be the same as yours. I usually look for some original ideas, a light, humorous tone, and lots of good links. So, here goes:


These should keep you busy for a few hundred hours. Of course, there are thousands more that I have yet to visit or have not bookmarked for whatever reason. I do, occasionally, get called away from the computer………….

But, now, at least, we can surf and find some new patterns, some crochet news, and some more inspiration.

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