Some people can take the simplest stitch and a few yards of yarn and come up with something splendid.  Not me, mind you.  But some people.  When those special people create these things with the same yarn and hook I use, I’m duly impressed.  I can follow a pattern and write about nifty projects, but I can’t usually come up with these creative ideas.

One really nice thing about the internet and blogging is that we have such a good medium for sharing ideas.  So, it is with great interest that I looked at Tascha’s blog, TLK Designs, when she announced her Crochet Week.  She asked Maya, the creator of this pretty necklace, to be a guest blogger.  Maya brought this simple but effective design to Crochet Week so Tascha could share it with all of us.

So, get yourself over to Tascha’s blog and get your free pattern for this design.  Grab your hook and yarns and make some to give those around you.  How about one in team colors for a highschooler?  How about one in blue for your friend who’s always in jeans? How about a trip to your LYS to splurge on that one small skein of luxury yarn that you’ve been eyeing for months to make one for yourself?  You can’t go wrong with this simple design.  And, in my house, I’d scrounge the chain and closure from an old necklace I no longer wear.




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