I guess I’m stuck in rosette mode.  But I love them as they’re typically not difficult to make and work well for a variety of embellishments.  My mom is also fond of wearing a brooch, so I like to make one for each of her outfits.  You’ll enjoy making this one:

What doesn’t show very well in the picture is the zipper teeth.  If you use a zipper with metal teeth, you’ll get a bit more pop.  I do like the way Divvya has used a the scattered placement of pearls to add a nice touch.  I could make oodles of these.  Great way to use up odd scraps of yarn, especially those more expensive ones.  Nice tutorial on the blog.  And, check out the pretty crocheted ring she’s created here .  Enjoy!


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    Hey thanks for featuring my work…also I have inverted the zipper rosette t oget a soft look so that’s y the teeth don’t show…as you said you can use it either way

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