Another Use For Those Flowers

crochet flower face cleaner


Kara always comes up with good ideas – and tutorials for them.  In this case, as a follow up to my recent article showing a tutorial for flower-making (from another crochet artist), we can make some more pretty flowers to use as facial exfoliation.  These simple but attractive flowers will be a hit with everyone from teens to grannies.  Who won’t enjoy washing her face with these sweet flowers?

I like the idea of making them in a variety of colors.  If you have more than one lady in the house, each can have her own color.  It wouldn’t hurt a guy to use them either!  Or a baby’s bottom.  I’d like to see them made with double strands of size 10 cotton, too.  In my climate, the size 10 cotton will dry out more thoroughly than the worsted weight cotton yarn.  Also, don’t hesitate to make them with acrylic yarn.  Acrylic yarn makes a really good scrubber – if you don’t apply too much pressure, they’ll work fine on skin.  Get the free pattern here.

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