Are You A Bag Lady (Or Man)?

If you enjoy making bags for shopping, to hold your crochet projects, or as gifts, I’ve got a great blog for you to check out!  In addition to some great free bag patterns, Elisabeth has other free patterns on her blog that are beautiful – from very simple necklaces to moderately difficult earrings to more intricate blankets and shrugs.

I love this pretty lilac bag.  It’s got a nice mesh pattern with a sturdy top and handles.


Another bag contains this lovely combination of colors and design.

You’ll find plenty of crochet inspiration on Elisabeth’s blog.  Check out all those free patterns.

This simple but elegant necklace composed merely of beads and a crochet chain is an example of the creativity and accomplished designs you’ll find on this lovely blog.


Nose  around this blog for more inspiration.  You’re sure to find it!



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