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This is a picture of Pearl, the pet rabbit of a very cozy, cute yarn shop in the historic downtown of tiny Van Buren, Arkansas.  While I was in the shop a few weeks ago, I also got to meet Pearl’s human, Margaux, one of the yarn artists that operate the shop named Grey Goat Fibers or Who’s Got The Button.  Still kinda confused about the names.

So, how did I wind up in a yarn shop in Arkansas?  It’s all because of a husband and his love of trains.  There’s a great 8 hour round trip rail excursion that runs between Springdale, Arkansas and Van Buren, Arkansas.  My husband and I took a long weekend to ride the train across the beautiful countryside of northwest Arkansas.  If you’ve never been, you should go.  Eureka Springs is a high light in that area as is the Crystal Bridges (free art museum) in Bentonville.

We had a three hour ‘layover’ in Van Buren during which we ate lunch, walked the old down town streets, and did a bit of shopping.  When I saw the yarn shop, I wasn’t even sure it was open.  My very tolerant husband seated himself on a bench while I tried the door and gained entry to this charming little shop.

You can see more about it on their Facebook page as I didn’t take any pictures myself.  If you’re in those parts, be sure to stop in and say hello.  They support local farms and crafters, including selling fleece from locally sourced Wenslydale, Gotland, and Icelandic sheep.  And, NO!  I’m not going to learn to spin.  No!  I’m sticking to buying the yarn.


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    Jd you are bringing back a lot of memories!! My husband has been with the UP for his whole career and his early years were spent all over Arkansas and Missouri! I know every town you spoke of like old friends. This shop sounds like a place I’d love to go but it’s a trip from Omaha ! Glad you shared with us!

  2. says

    I’m actually from a small town about 60 miles from Springdale. I have cousins in Springdale and the environs. It’s actually growing so rapidly that your husband would not recognize it! Your trivia for the day: Springdale has the largest population of Marshallese (people from the Marshall Islands) in the world, outside of the Marshall Islands themselves. Don’t know if they crochet.

  3. Liz says

    The kids might like to start with a really simple headband. Girls seem to love cute things to wear in their hair.

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