Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edit Eckman

I had heard some buzz about this book but wanted to check it out for myself.  Fearing it couldn’t live up to its newly minted ‘hype’, I was a bit hesitant to disappoint anyone with a lackluster review.  Oh, well.  No disappointment here!  This book is YUMMY!

First, it’s packed with great color photos clearly depicting every edging.  Second, each design has both a written AND charted pattern, prefaced with a good description of any ‘special’ stitch(es) used – like a TR2tog.  In addition, many designs are accompanied with an inset ‘tip’ box to give a fuller understanding of the stitches or pattern or an alternate way to use the design.

Every multi-layered design is shown with each row crocheted in a different color.  I find this extremely helpful.  Further, the charted pattern contain highlighted areas and brackets which make it much easier to define each cluster or motif.

There area a total of 150 edgings in this book.  Each gets its own full description so there’s no flipping back and forth, trying to figure out what to do next.

What makes this edging book UNIQUE is its emphasis on describing HOW to go around the corners – inside and outside corners.  The book’s Introduction pays special attention to defining this technique, showing in simple terms how to make the math and stitches work out.

The Introduction also addresses potential problem areas and the impact of color on a design.  There are several glossaries, one for Punctuation (all those brackets and asterisks), several pages of Terms and Abbreviations, and a very clear Chart Stitch Key.  There’s also a handy Index.

That’s quite a lot crammed into these 320 pages!  I’ve seen some of these edgings (or near matches) but many of them are spectacular additions to anyone’s collection.  My favorites include #63, #92 and #93 which remind me of antique picture frames, #118, and the splendid and complicated (and graceful) looking #131.  Also note that #100 (which I really think I invented – minus the picots LOL) and #123 with its ribbons (for Breast Cancer Awareness or in different colors for other causes).

All the edgings are tempting.  Some make me laugh as I don’t anticipate ever needing them.  Yet, who knows?  But, for tonight, I’ll be using #21 to edge a babyghan I’ve got to finish quickly for a shower.  Thanks, Edie, for this great book!


Storey Publishing, 2010

320 Pages

ISBN 9781603425384

$16.95 USD

PS – stay tuned for more on Edie Eckman


  1. Brigitte S. says

    Can we please have books like these published in “english’ terminology as well.

  2. says

    I don’t know how to crochet-YET! I would love to learn how to do this and then put them on everything that stands still-framed photos, lamp shades, pillow cases, scrapbook pages, cards…

  3. Norma Alejandro says

    I would like to receive the 150 colorful Creative crocheted endings with charts and instructions for turning the corner perfectly every time.(Around the corner Crochet Borders)
    Understand that the price is aroud the $ 17.00
    US dollars.

  4. says

    I don’t sell the books from this site. I suggest you contact or another online vendor if you don’t have a bookstore near you that carries the book.


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