Baby and Baby Doll

I found this great site that is JAMMED full of wonderful patterns for babies of all sizes – and for dolls.  This is not such a stretch as babies and dolls are often the same size.  There is a huge market for ‘reborn’ baby dolls and Heather’s patterns will not disappoint.  However, I’d rather crochet for real children as there always seem to be a lot of them ‘in the works’, as it were.  My nephew’s wife just delivered my mom’s third great grandchild – and first great grand daughter last month.  It’s always a delight for me to crochet something for a new baby.  I made only an afghan for this particular great niece (grand niece??) Lilly, but I could be persuaded to crochet her a sweater set……

Anyway, you’ll have fun browsing around Heather’s site.  Her patterns are reasonably priced and are well written.  And, as a sort of insurance policy, she offers a free pattern so that you can give her patterns a ‘test drive’.  The pattern pictured above is one of the freebies.  As a plus, I like the idea that Heather offers some pants for the boys.  That’s often overlooked in layettes and Christening sets – and most Dad’s are not fond of seeing their young sons in dresses!

Heather offers many designs, from shawls and afghans to sweater sets and Christening sets.  So many designs!  And, you’ll find them offered in both UK and US terminology.  Check it out!


  1. GJ Amber says

    I have people buying my baby things for their dolls. They say baby clothes are cheaper than doll clothes.

  2. says

    Have a friend looking for a pattern she said it hadyour name as a reference. It is a child’s or baby shawl and dress on it. Can’t seem to find it on your website

  3. says

    Your description could be one of any number of posts. I have a toddler shawl you can find in the search box if you enter ‘peytan’s poncho’. There are several dresses. I showed one combining a crochet bodice with a fabric skirt – this one.

    Hope this helps.

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