Can we ever have too many free patterns for baby? I love making baby things because they appeal to my love of instant (or almost) gratification! Also, I can practice a new stitch or motif without committing to making a full sized afghan. I prefer making things in bright colors for baby, but a lot of new moms and grandmoms prefer pastels. Either way, baby is sure to look and feel wonderful in items made with love. Here are some patterns that I particularly like. Please feel free to share other pattern sites with us.

Baby shirt Pattern

I’m making two of these sweaters right now. They’re for the granddaughters of a neighbor who has been very kind to my mom over the years. He’s crazy about his granddaughters who will be visiting for a couple of weeks. I thought matching sweater shirts for a 2 yr old and a 3 month old might be very appealing. They’ll look cute and I hope to get a picture of the girls, Olivia and Sienna, wearing the matching sweaters. I’m using RH Pinata, a very pretty variegated yarn in bright colors. Can’t go wrong with that, I think! These work up very quickly, are easily adjustable to yarn and hook size to make them larger or smaller, and look very attractive on baby.

and, another one from bev Cassies’ Summer Outfit.

TLC Patterns 


I like the socks above – ‘seamless baby socks‘ – but I would probably extend the leg part so that they wouldn’t slip off of baby so easily. In winter, I just let my kiddies toddle or crawl around in knee socks so their feet wouldn’t get too cold. Better without shoes for developing toes and feet.

How about this sweet dress for your summer baby?


Not wild about these colors for baby – but I like the yarn and pattern:

Crochet Bbaby Blanket Pattern
And, for my all time favorite baby afghan patterns – well, there are two….

First, is the diagonal crazy stitch. You don’t need a pattern. You just need to learn how to do the stitch, the increase, and the decrease. Then, you can make an afghan of any size with any yarn in any colors that appeal to you. Here’s the tutorial with pictures – and a few pix of finished afghans for your viewing pleasure.

My OTHER ALL TIME FAVORITE is the Round Ripple. There are several of those patterns available. Here’s the one I use

Note that the site has other round ripple patterns and lots of other baby patterns too! I especially like this one for color variations – and because Dad and big brothers will enjoy having this spiderman afghan in the house.spidermanroundrippleafghan.jpg:


  1. Karen says

    I make a lot of preemied caps, and recently found a 7/8 finished dress. Today I found a doll in a FREE box outside a yard sale. Free meaning, Buy this or I’m throwing it out!!!

    I think the dress will fit, and I also think the hats will be just right for sizing. What a stroke of luck!

  2. Joanne Miller says

    I am looking for the Snow Buddies Crochet Afghan pattern to make for next Holiday season. Does anyone have this pattern ?

  3. Lily says

    The Sweet Dress is very cute but the pattern doesn’t specify what weight yarn or thread to use. Any ideas?



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