I wanted to share with you the two sweaters I made for my neighbor’s granddaughters. Frank, my neighbor, is a very kind man – and just crazy about his grandkids! He has two, Olivia, age 2, and Sienna, age 3 months. They have come to visit him for 10 days. Since Frank is always doing nice things for others, I decided to make something for his favorite girls. I used this pattern that I had featured on a recent blog:

I wanted to make the sweaters matching because I thought the girls would look cute in a photo wearing matching sweaters. So, here they are:


Well, the sweaters, not the girls!  Will have to wait for photos of them.


  1. Elsie Freeh says

    I had a baby sweater pattern that was croched all in one piece and can’t find it is there anyone out there that can help me out. Hope some one has one.


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