Best For Baby

cro baby kneehi socks 0113

Other people like to crochet baby booties, but I have always found Dot Matthews’ baby kneehigh socks to be far better.  They stay on and don’t get lost.  Have you ever walked at the mall or park and found a single baby bootie on the floor?  That’s pretty sad as you know that the baby can never again enjoy that pair of booties.

I’m also a huge fan of Dot Matthews’ patterns and was delighted to discover that her patterns have been imported to Crochetville and remain free and available for us.  That’s very kind of Dot who is a very talented designer.  I’ve made any number of her patterns.  They are well written, use widely available yarns, and are for items that we all use on a regular basis.  So, practical and attractive, two of my most important criteria for determining what projects I’ll make.

Get on over to crochetville and check out Dot’s free patterns and the other freebies and patterns for sale they have.  If you have a favorite designer and would like to share that person’s work with the rest of us, please let me know or just post in the Comment Section below.  I may well feature one or more of the designers, especially if s/he is new to me and  offers a variety of patterns.

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