Best Mother’s Day Crochet Ever!

purse organizer


I’m a practical person.  You knew that, right?  I am NOT a well organized person.  You knew that, right?  So, when I ran across this, I knew, just KNEW, that this would be the best Mother’s Day present ever.  It’s crocheted.  It’s simple.  It’s fast.  It’s easy.  It’s useful.  It will be a hit!

You’ll need some good feltable wool (check out some of these if you don’t have any in your stash), a few hours, and the pattern that’s free here.

crocheted purse organizer

If you’ve never seen one of these organizers in action (well, sorta), this will give you an idea of how to use it and how useful it is.  The design is completely customizable.  You will find a slot for each of your most important items (aside from your wallet).  You put all your necessities in their place then you can move the entire organizer from purse to purse.  If you’re more creative, you can even add a coin purse by adding a zippered compartment.

I pretty much guarantee you that the recipient of this piece of crochet will be very pleased.  While it may not be the fanciest piece of crochet she’s ever been given, it will perhaps be the most used piece.  Rather than the bland gray pictured above, why not make it more personal by working it up in the recipient’s favorite color – something bright and easy to see?

Should you have no experience with felting (fulling), this would be a great first project.  However, using the same idea, you can work this up in a tight single crochet and no felting will be required.  In that event, you can use acrylic or cotton yarn rather than the wool.  The benefit of wool in this application is that the felt can be cut and sewn (if desired) without worrying about any raveling.  Felting also creates a very durable fabric that will last for years and can take a zipper, snap, grommet, or button with no difficulty.  Scraps of wool yarn will work fine too.  No need to make it in all one color unless you want to.  I like the idea of edging it in a bright color if you use a basic black, brown, or gray for the body of the organizer.

In any event, with only a few hours of work and a skein or so of yarn, you can create a smashing Mother’s Day gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come!


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    I wonder how hard felting will be; time consuming? I’ve seen sites that shows one how but… Then again I wonder if my daughter would use something like this… (Sept 14, Saturday)

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