What a terrible name for a cute idea!

I ran across the idea of a Bog Jacket recently and found that it is a design that is perfectly suited to me.  I also like the idea that there isn’t a ‘fixed’ pattern for this sweater.  Rather it’s a concept that includes a formula for making a sweater of simple design that can be easily altered to one’s exact dimensions.  How cool is that?

Here’s the one picture I found that really got me inspired to seek out more such patterns:

Turns out I really like this gal’s blog too!  Lots of crochet inspiration here and good pix of her finished sweaters and tops.  Check it out!  I bet you’ll enjoy it too.

If you google ‘bog jacket’ (aside from google asking if you want ‘dog jacket’ or ‘bag jacket’ which is exasperating), you’ll find lots of cute sweaters for babies on up, mostly knit, but some sewn, some woven, and a few crocheted.  You’ll be able to see the potential here.  This is a pattern that uses the modular technique which Carol Wolf’s tutorial explains nicely.

I’m gonna try this one soon.  Just need to figure out how much yarn……Oh, yeah.  Gauge!!  I have to make a swatch.  Didn’t I just write about that??


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    Yes, I agree! The “concept” and “modular” ideas also appeal to me. Carol Wolfe’s blog is a good find! Thanks for sharing.

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