Bonnets, Flowers, and More

I found this charming little blog and want to share it with you.  First, there are three different baby bonnets with tutorials.  This one is made with strips of t-shirt fabric!

Baby Bonnet With Flower

What little girl wouldn’t look adorable in this bonnet?  The other baby bonnets are equally charming – and are quick projects which you can work up in an afternoon or evening.  Continuing on the baby theme – which is not all there is to this blog – is a cute grouping of tot toys that can be used as a mobile, accompanied by a tutorial to make them.  Check out the teeny dragon toy, too.  I couldn’t find a pattern for it, but there is inspiration there!

Another thing I especially like on this blog are the flowers.  We can find flower patterns all over the internet.  Flowers can be added to all kinds of projects, adding a dash of color or whimsy.  But, these flowers are more enchanting than most.  I think it’s the combination of simplicity and color that draw me to them.

Multicolored Flowers

You’ll find other goodies on this blog.  Alba has created a blog that offers tutorials, charming pictures and tales, and lots of inspiration for crocheters.  While it’s clear that English is not Alba’s first language, she is quite a good writer and conveys a lot of information in her brief articles.  Poke around and you’ll find time well spent.




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