vogue knitting crochet stitchionary volume four (4) crochet

What a wonderful addition this book would be to anyone’s crochet library! I’m in love with this book and will be buying a copy after having checked it our from my local library to give it a good once-over. Well, the once-over has extended itself to a nightly review over the past 5 days.

I have found that all the Vogue Knitting Crochet books have been excellent. I do take objection to the name – but you can’t have EVERYTHING. I’ll take the wonderful quality of the books over a better name any day.

This book is jammed full of color pictures and includes several stitch patterns I’ve not seen elsewhere. There are also several motifs worked in two different yarns with side by side picture comparisons. This allows once to see how different size yarns will affect the outcome of certain motifs.  Each entry has both written instructions and a graph or symbol chart.  Further, while a review of crochet basics (simple stitches, yarns, threads, hooks) seem to use up half of many new books, the editors of this volume assume you know how to crochet, so there are many more stitch patterns and motifs than one usually finds in a stitch compendium.

Stitch pattern groups and motifs include sections entitled:






and are presented from easier to more difficult.  The patterns are written in standard US terminology but include UK/Australia terms in the back.

The book retails for $29.95 US ($35.95 Canada), has 172 pages with ISBN 1-933027-20-7.  I found several copies listed on used book vendor sites also.


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