Can a Crochet Square Change the World?

We have our chance to find our if a crochet square can change the world?  We have the opportunity, as crocheters, to have a very positive impact on a city that has been smacked down with the terrible impact of Mother Nature.


Many cities in the U.S. and across the world have suffered devastation.  Earthquakes, tsunamies, civil war, forest fires.  There is no shortage of bad news.  I often feel frustrated at my inability to do much to help those in need – even if they are in my own state – as Joplin, Missouri which suffered such devastation in a recent tornado.

This creative blog offers an opportunity for crocheters and knitters around the world to throw a little hope and light toward Christchurch.  Please check it out and make a donation.  I did.  Together we can help rebuild one of our great ciites!

NOTE – to actually donate, you click on a square, then scroll down to the Donate arrow which will take you to Paypal.

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