Can Crochet Save Your Life? Your Health?

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I’m turning over the crochet reigns today to Kathryn Vercillo so she can give us good information about her latest survey.  Please feel free to respond to her here and to go to her site (linked below) to participate in the survey.

Now, Kathryn writes:
How Has Crochet Helped You?
This is a guest post by Kathryn Vercillo, author of Crochet Saved My Life and blogger
at Crochet Concupiscence. You’ve read about her on this blog before. She has created a
new survey to explore the healing aspects of crochet.
How has crochet helped you? Has it helped relieve depression, anxiety or other
mental health symptoms for you? Has it distracted you from difficulties in life
including grief or chronic pain? Has it provided you with a creative outlet, improved
your sense of self-esteem or been your saving grace during bouts with insomnia?
Crocheters cite these benefits as well as others in their stories about why they
crochet. However, the details of how crochet helps people have yet to be studied in
depth … until now.

We have seen studies that look at whether or not crochet helps
people, and those studies have added a lot to our understanding of the craft. They
have taught us that crochet is likely to help reduce depression and may prevent
age- related memory loss. But those studies have typically looked at crochet as one of
several crafts, and they’ve been asking if crochet helps people rather than exploring
how crochet helps people.
I have created a new survey to expand upon this existing material and study the
many different ways that people are healing through crochet. I’ve based the survey
questions on existing research including the research I’ve done myself in the
writing of my crochet health books and articles. The survey is designed to examine
the benefits people are currently getting from the craft. I will be analyzing and
publishing the results.
It is my hope that the published results can help people in a variety of settings. If we
can prove the ways in which crochet heals, we can get more support for the craft in
hospitals, recovery centers, therapy groups, prisons, schools and more. And all of us
can have a better understanding of how this craft that we love is helping us in more
ways than we even know.
Please consider helping by taking the survey now. Or you can learn more about it
from this press release.

Thanks, Kathryn!  Your hard work in this area is going to pay off.  Many crocheters are already aware of the benefits of crochet to their health and well-being.  Now, more will have this information.  Please keep spreading the word!


  1. Molly says

    I started crocheting when I was pregnant and stressed. It completely eased my mind by slowing my breathing and focusing my mind on one project (which of course made me think of a million other projects u couldn’t wait to dive into lol)

  2. Bec says

    when I’m crochet in front of the TV I’m not eating stuff like chips so that’s good for my health!

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