Can you crochet at a quilt shop?

Yes!  If that quilt shop is Country Home Quilters in the tiny burg of Leadington, Missouri.  Leadington is near Farmington, about 40 minutes south of St. Louis.  It’s a hidden treasure that I would not have known about except for my friend Sheila of Crochet With Sheila.  She formerly lived not far from this ‘quilt’ shop and told me to be sure to visit it.  I’m so glad I took Sheila’s advice!

When you find this little shop, it looks like it’s a little shop.  But, looks are deceiving! Upon entering the shop, one is greeted by Christine, daughter of the owner who seldom staffs the shop these days.  Christine is well informed, helpful, and friendly.  It’s clear right away that this very tidy shop is jammed full of all sorts of crafting treasures.  There is a room full of cross stitch supplies (not my cup of tea), two rooms full of lovely quilting fabrics (formerly my cup of tea as I’m still the owner of a sizable stash of fabrics), and supplies for sewing, needle felting,embroidery, buttons, batting, and other needle work.  There is one room devoted to yarn – the kinds of yarn most of us want to buy on a daily basis – Bernat Satin (I never saw so many of their beautiful colors before), Lion Brand, Moda Dea, TLC, and Sugar and Creme.  There is also a large selection of different threads in all sizes, useful for crocheting and tatting.

My long-suffering husband was with me and found balls of thread I’d never seen before.  I ended up buying a couple of those size 3 balls and a copy of the Spring, 2012 Scrap Crochet! magazine put out by Crochet World.  Had I spent more time in the shop, I would have added numerous other skeins of yarn and some incredibly sweet iron on Fairy appliques (for what purpose I do not know!).

This shop is open six days a week – but is closed Saturdays – so take note.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in and tell Christine you read about her shop here.  I plan to make my way there again when I get another day to play hooky from work.

Country Home Quilters

120 Union Street

Leadington, MO




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    Oh, JD, you’ve brought back such fond memories with this post! I’m so thrilled that you got to visit this incredible place! Somewhere, still packed from the move here, are most of the treasures I collected there. I recall some very beautiful buttons, lots of iron-on embroidery transfers, fabrics… and undoubtedly a lot I’ve forgotten! I really must unearth all of that!

    I will have to return someday, and I’ll be taking you along when I do!

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