I had the opportunity recently to visit a LYS that I haven’t been to in about two years.  When I walked in and greeted the owner, my eye was immediately drawn to the yarn shown here:

It’s lovely stuff with a nice hand.  It’s about a half inch wide when uncurled.  There was a knitting sample available but the shop owner believed it could be crocheted, so she took a loop off her needles and inserted a hook for me to play with.  The only thing I could get the needle to do was a slip stitch – torture for me!!  The shop owner had even indicated that it was difficult to knit with although the sample was lovely – a sort of flamenco style layered scarf.

So, dear crochet friends, what am I gonna do with this skein I purchased?  Actually, I plan to use it in a different manner.  I’ll use it to edge the front of a sweatshirt cardigan to match a gray shirtshirt with some new ‘strange blue’ colored corduroy slacks.  I’ll use a single strand of superwashed merino wool to attach the yarn to the edge of the sweatshirt.  But, I’d love to see or hear about some crochet uses for this stuff.

It’s called Tango and is manufactured by Universal Yarns.  The yarn pictured here is color #586 which goes from blue to black.  Visit the link above to see this yarn in other colors and the other yarns produced by this company.  I am not familiar with Universal Yarns so I can’t endorse them.  You can see for yourself!


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    I imagine that the best bet for that yarn would be to use a larger hook–perhaps an N or P, maybe even larger.

    My instinct, however, is to use a large Tunisian hook. I bet the width of the yarn would provide it’s own kind of texture as it popped out in between the Tunisian stitches.

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    It might be best worked with another yarn as the base or background – let’s say you make a chain, then for your next row poke a hole through this yarn before you go through the chain to form your next stitch. The wider apart you poke the yarn, the more ripply it’s going to be.

    Just a thought, as I don’t have any to play with. Do you think that would work?

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    I think you may be onto something here. Tunisian is not my favorite, but worth a try with this yarn.

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