I just can’t get enough of these cute, mini, carry-along projects.  These are perfect to stash in your bag while you’re on the run, so you can use those few odd moments waiting for the kids, ‘watching’ kiddie ballet lessons, sitting in the doctor’s office, etc.  All of us need to use our time to best advantage.  Here are some more ideas to help you stay on schedule with your preparations for Christmas.

This little beauty could use up some of your thread scraps.  You could certainly crochet up a bundle of them with just four balls of thread.

Another teensy project, you could make these by the dozen.  Buy pretty glass beads for durability.  I love the AB Swarovski crystals.  If you’re not familiar, the AB makes them sparkle like diamonds.  Even the clear AB with white thread will be stunning!  Remember to count out and string your beads before you begin to crochet the flake.

Another pretty project from the same designer is this mini wreath.  Again, make lots.  You could glue a simple pin back on these to turn them into pretty brooches.  A great teacher gift made in minutes.

These aren’t free, but they’re simply adorable.  I think these would be great for toddlers because a little guy could hang these on the tree without fear of breaking anything.  Not for the kiddies who still put things in their mouth!  Use your own judgment.  Also would be charming package toppers or string one on  a length of yarn or ribbon and wear as a seasonal necklace.

Here’s a really simple cutie.  Another one that will work up very quickly and will use up scraps.  They could be made in a variety of colors, to be used for a variety of purposes.  Think  – string them for garlands, thread onto ribbon for a necklace, tie on as package toppers, hang as ornaments.

Finally, for today, if you’ve got a new addition to the family, this one’s for you!  If you aren’t lucky enough to have a baby, how about dressing up a teddy bear for the holiday?

Now, scour your stash, print off the patterns, grab your hooks, pop it all into a tote to keep handy and get busy crocheting!


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    I love these! I’ve seen crochet projects with beads before, but haven’t figured out how to do it yet…can you point me in the direction of a tutorial? They look really pretty, and I’d love to try it.

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    Crocheting with beads is not as difficult as it can look. First, choose your beads. Be sure your crochet hook will fit through the hole in the beads. Then count out the number of beads you’ll need for your project and string those on the yarn/thread you’ll be using. Then, crochet as usual. Check out this video on for a visual.


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