This too cute quickie is something you can still make for the kiddies to enjoy on Easter.  Kara has the pattern for us (see below).  However, bean bag tosses are popular with all ages all the time, so don’t limit â?¦

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cro mollie wedding bk 0314

If you’re a fan of the Mollie Makes books, you’ll want to scoop up a copy of Mollie Makes Weddings.  These are such sweet books.  This one has lots of ideas that could be interpreted in crochet but also two â?¦

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cro bowl 0314

That’s a bowl – a crocheted bowl – perfect for decorating your Springtime decor.  Other than doilies, how can we use our crochet talents to change our decor for the brightness and freshness of Spring?  Here are a few ideas.â?¦

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cro shamrock sandal 0314

It’s hard to believe about now, but Summer IS coming!  For those carefree days at the pool, at the beach, or just in your own back yard, Summer is the time to barefoot it – to wiggle those toes in â?¦

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cro six hr afghan 0414

When I first saw this lovely afghan that Allison indicates she crocheted in under six hours, I was skeptical.  It’s so pretty, both in color and in the choice of stitch pattern, that I could not understand how it could â?¦

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Well, maybe not exactly bonnets.  Not sure little girls still wear those with their new Easter dresses.  But, headbands are perfect to wear now that Winter is fleeing and Spring will soon be here.  Time to show off the â?¦

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cro bunny love 1113

Last minute crochet?  You can still get it done.

Get this very cute  PATTERN here.  Just in time for Easter. And, the detailed tutorial to make your own.



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cro deconstructing 0314

I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible time trying to count stitches in my own projects to write down a pattern or a mere adjustment to a pattern!  I find it to be a painful and frustrating â?¦

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cro fuzzy easter basket

Adriana has created this very cute and very fuzzy Easter basket – and promotes an idea I like along with it.  A candy free Easter!  Don’t our kids already get enough candy?  Don’t we, too?  Of course, a few treats â?¦

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Crafting items for your pets can be both functional and whimsical – who else but a sweet little dachshund could pull off a jacket that makes him look like a mustard covered hot dog?  Collars and toys can be created in â?¦

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cro orchid color 0314


It is said (I suppose by experts) that Pantone or Radiant Orchid is the color of the year for 2014.  I mention this only because recently, in my local newspaper, there was an article about home decor that â?¦

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cro sock monkey bag 0314


Is this the biggest ‘Sock Monkey’ you’ve ever seen??  I have always thought the Sock Monkey was one of the cutest stuffed animals – back when I only knew about the ‘real’ sewn ones made from actual socks.  Since â?¦

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cro bunny slippers 0314

These are supposed to be for the kids but I think I know a bunch of adults who would enjoy having these cute bunny slippers!  The will be perfect for Easter Day Brunch at home or for an indoor Easter â?¦

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cro painted flower 0314

Have you seen this remarkably easy way to ‘paint’ your crochet?  It’s so easy that you’ll look like a true watercolor artist when you’re done.  I have fallen in love with the look and I can think of numerous ways â?¦

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cro shamrock edging 0314

No, I know you don’t have time to crochet an entire afghan today, but I wanted to be sure to share this lovely Shamrock edging pattern with you.  Tia has created this delicate edging and I think it would look â?¦

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