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The crochet news is that crochet is rocking the fashion world – all over the world.  This article is from India where the picture here originates.  So, it isn’t just afghans and baby things – as all of â?¦

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cro dress coats 0114

I just discovered this site today!  It’s a part of Coats&Clark that I’ve never seen before.  There are a few free crochet patterns on the site, including this beautiful dress.  You must register with the site to download the â?¦

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cro opened presents under tree 1213

Now that you have given away your many wonderful crocheted projects, how do you feel about your gifts?  Are they still yours?  Do they now belong completely to the recipient to do with as s/he pleases?  Do your feelings get â?¦

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cro award 2013

Look what I just won!  I’m very honored, to say the least.  The article which accompanies this award can be seen here .  I love it that Kathryn ‘gets’ what this blog is about.  My goal is to bring you â?¦

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cro keep it caddy 1113

Here’s the winning entry – chosen at random from all qualified entries:

Sara is the winner!

Love the organizing utility tote! I would use it as a teacher tote to haul all my â?¦

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cro calendar 2014

Carmen has created this fantastic calendar and is offering it to all crocheters for FREE!  Free is good.  As Carmen is Germany, her calendar is offered in her native German as well as in English.  The photography is top notch â?¦

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cro 7 1013

The winner of my October Three Book Giveaway is this lovely scarf, entry #7:

Designed and crocheted by me, Mary Buse Melick. Modeled by my dear daughter, Meagan.
Available in Sculpture Crochet Pattern Sets: SCK977 Shoulder Cozies.
Pattern is called: â?¦
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cro kln scarf 1 1013

I made this little scarf for my daughter’s birthday.  Sadly, from this picture, you cannot see its true color.  It’s a lovely dusty lavender that suits my daughter perfectly.  The yarn is a delight to work with and has a â?¦

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cro beastly cro bk 0913


Here’s the winning entry – chosen at random:

My name is Claudia and my zip code is 30518 – read about this on the crochet-a-long group messages.


Claudia, please send me your snail mail particulars to crochet â?¦

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cro doily purse 0913


I had never heard of ‘fast fashion’.  Have you?  This very brief video gives a glimpse into some problems in the fashion world that will interest many crocheters.  The impact of ‘fast fashion’ is less on crochet than on â?¦

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cro club 0913


Do you need a crochet club?  Would you enjoy having a group of crocheters (and maybe other handcrafters) to meet with once a month or so to share your love of yarn and crochet?  How about having a crochet â?¦

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Blueprint Crochet Sweaters book


Jaan L of Tx with this entry chosen at random from all the qualified entries!!

Submitted on 2013/08/17 at 6:36 am

My favorite stitch is an open lace #2007 from it may have another name, but I love â?¦

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Crochet Runway book

Crochet Runway book





Congratulations, Ambar!!  I hope you find lots of goodies in this book.  Please send me your snail mail info so I can get this book in the â?¦

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How To Make 100 Crochet Appliques boook


The winner of this Giveaway is Christina with this entry:

Thanks for the giveaway! I love this one as a little coin purse or small gift/treat holder.

My zipcode is 41041

crochet heart coin purse

This contest gave me fits!  You â?¦

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50 sunflowers to knit crochet and felt

Here’s the book that my readers were trying to win.  You gave me a LOT of work to do!  This one was very difficult for me.  I should just stick to the random drawing.  Would make it a lot easier â?¦

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