cro stash piece 0314That’s not a very good picture.  Blurry and overexposed.  Sorry.  But, I wanted to let you see what I found in my stash the about 20X20 inches and I have absolutely no memory of where I was going with this!  â?¦

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cro kln moebius 0214

I recently crocheted this Moebius scarf for my daughter – and she loves it!  It was super simple.  I used this pattern as inspiration.  My pattern choice was determined more by the amount of yardage I had than by any â?¦

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cro headband B 0114

Having a Bad Hair Day?  If you’ve got some yarn, a ponytail elastic, and 90 minutes, you’ve got the Fix!  And, since I’m a very slow crocheter, you can probably make this in 60 minutes.  So there!

What you see â?¦

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cro v stitch babyghan 0114


I’ll call this one Baby Toes since the edging I created reminds me of sweet baby’s toes peeking out from under the blanket.  This afghan was inspired by the stitch pattern found on SusanB’s site here.  I thought â?¦

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cro man hat 0114

Can you tell I’m not a photographer?  I’ve had numerous requests for this pattern, so I will try to comply.  This is a cap custom made for my husband’s smallish and very bald head.  I’ve crocheted him several caps before â?¦

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cro opened presents under tree 1213

Now that you have given away your many wonderful crocheted projects, how do you feel about your gifts?  Are they still yours?  Do they now belong completely to the recipient to do with as s/he pleases?  Do your feelings get â?¦

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cro keep it caddy 1113

Here’s the winning entry – chosen at random from all qualified entries:

Sara is the winner!

Love the organizing utility tote! I would use it as a teacher tote to haul all my â?¦

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cro stash 1 1013

cro stash 2 1013

cro stash 3 1013

Now do you see what I’m talking about when I say that I am:

A) disorganized

B) have a large stash

C) need helpppppppp.

These pictures are only part of the problem.  The stash grows ever so slightly when I’m â?¦

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cro wendy blanket 1113


When I read about Wendy’s adaptation of an older pattern, I was intrigued.  Then, I asked and she sent me this picture of her work.  While Wendy does not assert that this is her original design, she did adapt â?¦

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cro 7 1013

The winner of my October Three Book Giveaway is this lovely scarf, entry #7:

Designed and crocheted by me, Mary Buse Melick. Modeled by my dear daughter, Meagan.
Available in Sculpture Crochet Pattern Sets: SCK977 Shoulder Cozies.
Pattern is called: â?¦
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cro my round ripple 1013

This is a picture of a round ripple babyghan that I recently finished.  I just love the bright colors in it.  It’s crocheted from three different variegated sock yarns.  Obviously, the skeins I used have related colors and each skein â?¦

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cro kln scarf 1 1013

I made this little scarf for my daughter’s birthday.  Sadly, from this picture, you cannot see its true color.  It’s a lovely dusty lavender that suits my daughter perfectly.  The yarn is a delight to work with and has a â?¦

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cro experiments 1013


I often see a stitch combination/pattern or a pictured project which instantly inspires me to pick up my hook and yarn.  Sometimes – a few times – I find something so great for me that I make it into â?¦

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cro chunky rug 1013

I wanted to show you the lovely stitch definition I’m getting with this rather humble chunky yarn.  I’m working only in half double crochets with cotton yarn that is on a huge wheel, probably designed for use with a knitting â?¦

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cro gauge ck 1013


I learn so much from my readers and from the other crochet sites I visit online as well as in books and magazines.  I’d love to round up all those tips and have them in one location as a â?¦

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