cro pat bonanza 0714

Are you familiar with this site for oodles of free patterns?  Since disappeared, I have not really found a reliable aggregate site for finding free crochet patterns online.  This site seems to have a lot of the same features â?¦

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cro tunisian class 0614


Dora Ohrenstein, an accomplished and well traveled crochet artist, is offering a wonderful course on Craftsy that will have us all mastering Tunisian crochet.  In this class (actually a series of classes all for one price), Dora takes us â?¦

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cro purse 0414

I just discovered a site called Folksy.  Am I behind the times?  After only a brief perusal of the site, I found this stunning purse made from mitered squares.  The pattern sells for three pounds and is the design of â?¦

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cro dress coats 0114

I just discovered this site today!  It’s a part of Coats&Clark that I’ve never seen before.  There are a few free crochet patterns on the site, including this beautiful dress.  You must register with the site to download the â?¦

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cro tags 0314

Look how charming these tags are!  Kym a tCobberson and Company has created the tags and offers a way for us to print them off free!  I’ve written about tags before, but this is the first free printed crochet â?¦

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cro coasters 1213


I feel compelled to give a shout out to a fairly new crocheter who seems fearless in attempting new projects and even better at making the adaptations she finds suitable.  I certainly admire beautiful crochet work done by anyone.  â?¦

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cro eloise 0913

This cute sweater caught my attention and took me to the blog of its designer, Tamara Kelly.  This one is a freebie.  But, I went poking around the blog to find other crochet patterns.  I fell in love with the â?¦

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cro african violet 0813

My mother has a magic way of growing African Violets.  She has pots and pots full of the little beauties.  Sometimes I call them little ‘buggers’ since I can’t keep the darn things alive for two weeks!  But, here I â?¦

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cro purse embellishment 0813


I’ve seen a lot of cute ideas for creating or embellishing purses, but this one might take the cake.  You can purchase the purse pictured here for a very reasonable $24 on etsy.  It’s offered on the site of â?¦

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crochet lacy afghan


This site has become one of my go-to blogs for crochet inspiration.  Olga does such exquisite work and has a nice selection of free patterns offered.  This particular afghan is crocheted using a stitch pattern invented by her â?¦

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yarn winder


Maybe you don’t have one of these (yarn winder)


nostepinne yarn winder


of even one of these (nostepinne).  Maybe you’re a frugal crocheter who is always looking for cost effective ways to improvise, make-do, improve, and create.

paper cup yarn winder

Wish I was â?¦

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crochet washcloth bunny



What could be easier or sweeter than these little bunnies?  I’ve been making a bunch of face cloths.  This just might be how I gift them!  Annabelle has the details on her blog!

crocheted ribbon bangles

While you’re at her â?¦

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Carmen Rosemann is one creative and well organized crocheter!  Her work is elegant in its simplicity yet appealing, enticing me to want to pull out hooks and yarn immdiately to work up some of her lovely designs.  Don’t be put â?¦

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This is a list of some of my favorite things – that you can make or buy from the crafters who have made them. No, I’m not Oprah, so my Favorite Things don’t cost much!

If you’re like me and â?¦

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I was very drawn to this beautiful Fans and Pansies Ripple Afghan when I saw it recently.  I have stayed away from ripples for the most part.  They are boring and I just won’t make one in all single crochets.  â?¦

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