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I recently shared a raft of patterns for you (not free) that I found on Etsy.  Well, I decided to share some for you from the parent company that owns this blog.  There are oodles of free patterns for all â?¦

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How adorable are these baby sandal crochet pattern? There are step by step instructions and the pattern is simple itself.

I love the little button but I wonder how practical these are?

Want to find out more? Click here: Adorable â?¦

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What better way to get ready for summer than crocheting yourself some new jewelry?  Crochet creates a light, open texture and is a perfect choice for any warm weather accessories.  Pieces can be dressed up or down by adding beading â?¦

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Crafting items for your pets can be both functional and whimsical – who else but a sweet little dachshund could pull off a jacket that makes him look like a mustard covered hot dog?  Collars and toys can be created in â?¦

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cro headband B 0114

Having a Bad Hair Day?  If you’ve got some yarn, a ponytail elastic, and 90 minutes, you’ve got the Fix!  And, since I’m a very slow crocheter, you can probably make this in 60 minutes.  So there!

What you see â?¦

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cro robot scarf 0114

Well, there are undoubtedly girls who would like to wear this cool scarf too, but aren’t we always searching for projects for the boys?  This one is definitely in the plus category.  The stitch pattern is so simple that most â?¦

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cro val bunting 0114


Sher over at Fly The Coop Crafts is at it again – creating very cute, quick crochet projects, complete with tutorial and free pattern.  I love buntings or swags to hang over curtain, windows, above doors, on â?¦

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cro v stitch babyghan 0114


I’ll call this one Baby Toes since the edging I created reminds me of sweet baby’s toes peeking out from under the blanket.  This afghan was inspired by the stitch pattern found on SusanB’s site here.  I thought â?¦

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cro man hat 0114

Can you tell I’m not a photographer?  I’ve had numerous requests for this pattern, so I will try to comply.  This is a cap custom made for my husband’s smallish and very bald head.  I’ve crocheted him several caps before â?¦

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cro elf 1113

How adorable is this little elf from Loopsan?  I think he needs to come live in my house!  You can work one up quickly with the free pattern you can get here.  This one is named Elfus.  I like â?¦

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cro thata angel 1113

This is the free pattern from one of my favorite crochet talents, Thata Pang.  Check out her blog for all sorts of crochet inspiration.  You can get the free pattern for this pretty angel here.  While Thata resides in â?¦

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Holiday Plush Towel Toppers



From the very practical (and frugal) to the utterly ephemeral and showy, I have discovered some fantastic free Christmas crochet patterns that might help you zip through your Christmas gift or decor list in no time.  Or, â?¦

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cro wendy blanket 1113


When I read about Wendy’s adaptation of an older pattern, I was intrigued.  Then, I asked and she sent me this picture of her work.  While Wendy does not assert that this is her original design, she did adapt â?¦

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cro turkey 1113

Isn’t this a cute turkey?  Kara over at created it for her Thanksgiving table.  Want one for yours?  You can work it up quickly using her free pattern.  Too cute!â?¦

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cro kln scarf 1 1013

I made this little scarf for my daughter’s birthday.  Sadly, from this picture, you cannot see its true color.  It’s a lovely dusty lavender that suits my daughter perfectly.  The yarn is a delight to work with and has a â?¦

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