Do you ever wonder what catnip does to cats?  I know!!  It’s Lavishea Lotion Bar to me.  No kidding!  I am totally addicted to this stuff.

My nose discovered the Lavishea Lavender Lotion Bar when I was in BAH Yarns during the recent Yarn Crawl.  I sniffed, then sniffed, then sampled it on my skin, this sniffed some more.  Typically a bit pricey for my budget, this little tin of scented soy wax became a MUST HAVE.  I swiped my debit card and it was mine!

Lavishea Lotion Bar in Lavender Scent

I’ve used it nightly on my skin since that last Saturday in July – so just over two weeks.  I have had such problems with my rough, hard cuticles snagging on my crochet yarn (and my clothing, and the upholstery, etc) and I’ve tried a variety of ‘cures’ for this persistent problem.  I don’t forget to apply the Lavishea because what I really want to do is SMELL it!!  So, nightly applications have been regular.  I just began to notice the other evening that my rough, ragged cuticles are disappearing!  The skin is becoming softer with less irritation than usual.  Nothing has ever done this for me before.  Could it be that this little bar with the totally addictive smell could be the ‘miracle cure’ I’ve searched for?  I certainly hope so, because I’m going to continue to need my aroma ‘fix’ even if it doesn’t do another thing for me!

Check out the product website here and order some for yourself or use the store locator to find a yarn shop near you that sells it.  It’s well worth the price.  It contains only soy wax, unrefined shea butter (which I’ve used consistently for my dry skin and cuticles), and fragrance (in my case LAVENDER!!!).  Two weeks of daily use has not put much of a dint in the bar’s embossed logo, so I believe it’ll last a good long time.  Hope the fragrance does too.  Catnip for me!

BTW, there is a FRAGRANCE FREE bar – but that would make my nose sad.


  1. Anne says

    Oh, you’ve really hit the jackpot, so to speak! Not only is the balm amazing, but the lavender is healing. The straight oil can be applied to small cuts and whatnot. I saw this at my LYS, and resisted. Now…I may go back sooner than later.

  2. says

    Thanks for your input. I love the smell of lavender. However, when I passed the Lavishea around at the recent crochet club meeting, several people wouldn’t even smell. I know everyone has odors they hate and others they love. This does come in an unscented bar. I simply love the lavender and that makes me more consistent in applying the product to my cuticles to keep them from snagging my yarn.


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