Chart Your Crochet

cro princesses 0814

Do you have a Disney fan in your life who would love to have a collection of their lovely Princesses?  If so, you might want to check out to see all their patterns including this one of the Disney Princesses.

Their patterns are not free, but the intricacy and the vast selection of charted designs will have you dizzy with possibilities!  To be clear, I have not personally used any of their designs.  Right now, I have a huge WIM list and a very long crochet To-Do List.  But, I’m definitely bookmarking the site that offers such a diverse collection of patterns.

Here are a few others of the many designs they offer.  They also sell yarn and crochet hooks.  And the graphs range from easy ones like the soccer ball to much more intricate designs.

cro soccer ball 0814


cro praying girls 0814


cro anime 0814

cro sponge bob 0814

cro roses 0814


cro cat in hat 0814

I think by now, you get the picture!  If you are in the market for a charted (graphed) crochet design, this site is certainly worth checking out.


  1. says

    I have seen many charts, such as these, and not to be offending, I call it Computer cheating. NUTHIN beats Good Ol’Fashion hand drawn on graph paper like I still do… Smile!

  2. George Rupert says

    While these charts are wonderful, most are copyrighted and trademarked, so therefore, not a good idea. 1 belongs to Disney and the fairy belongs to HeavenandEarthDesigns. Not good

  3. Frank ORandle says

    georgerupert, You have a lot of nerve calling someone out on copyright infringement since you are the one that posted my Rings of Change pattern on trulydiy. Karma will find you in the end and it will be well earned..

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