Charted Picture Afghans by Bendy Carter

Are you a fan of charted crochet designs?  If so, Bendy Carter has created a book that is perfect for you!

This is Bendy’s latest crochet book.  She has authored quite a few before, titles which will likely be familiar to you.  How about, “Knit One, Purl Two”, “Learn To Do Surface Crochet”, “Single Crochet From A To Z”, or the novel, “Dying to Crochet”?  These are among Bendy’s more recent offerings.

With this book, Bendy uses single and double crochets to create picture afghans using easy to follow graphs.  This book contains every letter of the alphabet in the Monogram afghan, the whimsical Lost Mittens & Shoes, Quick and Easy Cables that are reminiscent of a traditional Navajo pattern, and the wonderful full-sized (afghan-sized, that is) elephant in the African Safari, plus the sweet My Prayer afghan.  There’s a charted design for almost every afghan occasion!

To finish things off, Bendy shows us FIVE ways to add fringe to each afghan!  I’m not a huge fan of fringe, but I am certainly going to give the Braided Fringe a try.

This 48 page, slickly photographed book has a brief introduction that clearly explains the technique Bendy uses to create the relief stitches.  In addition, there is a stitch guide and a Metric Conversion Chart at the back of the book.


Charted Picture Afghans, 5 Charted Afghans by Bendy Carter

Annie’s Attic Book #871107 (DRG Publishing), 2011


List Price $8.95 USD


  1. Kay Dowling says

    Ordered this book as soon as I saw Annie’s Attic offering. Started the elephant picture on the cover this ecening. Such a simple concept – why didn’t someone do this sooner? Will be looking at filet patterns and Xstitch charts for some other ways to use this technique.

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