Circular Granny Crochet


cro granny circle 0114

I fell in love with these delicate Granny Circle Place Mats the moment I saw them.  But, of course, I had to think of something else to make with this pattern since I already have four sets of ‘dressy’ place mats, and a babyghan came immediately to mind.  I do love round baby afghans and think this one will make an especially pretty afghan for baby.

You can get the pattern along with a very detailed picture tutorial at Whitney’s purlbee’s site. While there, you should also check out her other crochet projects.  Lots of inspiration and crochet yumminess there!  Her work has a simplicity and unfussiness that I find refreshing.

To add the additional rounds for increasing size to make a babyghan, Whitney gives this advice:

I believe you will find that you’ll need to increase the number of rounds between increase-rounds as your circle grows. So, you’ll probably want to increase every four rounds a few times, then every five rounds, etc.

I also prefer the scalloped edge shown here.

cro round rug 0114

And, when I saw this beauty that is supposed to be a rug (in the American sense, something for the floor), it just looked like maybe it needed to be added to my round babyghan list of patterns for WIM’s.    You can get the patter here.  Whaddya think?


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