Clever Valentine Crochet



cro val bunting 0114


Sher over at Fly The Coop Crafts is at it again – creating very cute, quick crochet projects, complete with tutorial and free pattern.  I love buntings or swags to hang over curtain, windows, above doors, on headboards and mantles, etc.  They add so much color and appeal with minimal time invested.  This is also a great stash buster project.  You can make your little houses any color(s) you have in your stash.  You could change the heart color too, but I just love the fresh appeal of bright red.  Hearts are beloved by all.  Get your free pattern here and make some for your home!

cro choc bunting 0214

And, take a look at this yummy looking chocolate version of the bunting that Sher made!  I think it looks positively edible!  I’m Sher clever??


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