Coaster or Scrubbie?

I know.  You’re wondering why I am featuring a very simple coaster that almost any crocheter could make.  (Get the free pattern here.)  But, I do have my reasons.

First, as Annabelle states on her blog where the pattern is, she can sell them to you or you can make them yourself.  She uses Peaches and Cream cotton yarn for hers.  Annabelle also states that these can be used as coasters or scrubbers.  I’m interested in the scrubber idea.

A couple months ago when I visited the shop I wrote about in this article, I came upon a box of scrubbers that looked just like these.  However, the scrubbies I saw would not work as coasters as they were made in a double layered manner out of some very rough ‘yarn’ – likely a nylon or similar synthetic material.  The scrubbies sold for $1 each.  I purchased one that day then later called and ordered a dozen of them.  I have those on hand to give as gifts.  They make the very best vegetable scrubbers I’ve ever used.

What I know about the double layered scrubbies is that I would never be able to make.  The harsh ‘yarn’ is not something I could work with and a cotton yarn like Peaches and Cream would not have the same scrubbie characteristics.  So, I paid the freight of $1 each for the pleasure of not having to crochet them myself!

The ones Annabelle has made would work just fine as coasters or scrubbies.  But, I think these would be nice facial scrubbies rather than something for the kitchen.  Also, in my home, the worsted weight cotton yarn mildews regularly, so that’s not an option for me.  I’d probably substitute two strands of a size 10 thread and adjust the pattern accordingly to attain the right size.

That said, this would be an ideal project for a beginning crocheter.  The pattern is simple, but clearly teaches increases in a manner that is practically self correcting.  With only a few rows, it won’t take an expert crocheter to realize when the proper number of increases has not been made in each row.  The circle would warp or ripple almost right away – a dead giveaway of the wrong number of stitches.  So, use this pattern to quickly whip up a bunch of scrubbies if you want them or share it with a newbie for practice.

Further, personalize them by color to suit the person who will be using them.  Make one or two in each color so that Person #1 has only yellow ones and Person #2 has only blue – or whatever.  You can crochet a matching face cloth by using Annabelle’s pattern you can find here (a video).   Another really quick, inexpensive, yet useful crochet project for you.  I feel a Spa Basket coming on.

If you hurry, you can tuck one into everyone’s Christmas Stocking!


  1. Missy says

    I make square ones to wash dishes with, and small, small square ones to tuck in the gift baskets of sugar scrubs and facial soaps that I am giving in gift baskets for Christmas. Thanks for this pattern for round ones.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Laura Douglas says

    The rough ones were provably made with a nylon yarn. I found it in the needlepoint section or for plastic canvas. You can also but it in a skein form too. I bought mine from Annies Attic. They also make great skin exfoliators. I put a chain from one side to the other to put over my hand. Hope this helps.

  3. says

    The yarn used in the scrubbies I purchased are not made of needle point yarn, plastic canvas yarn, netting or anything i’ve ever seen. Not raffia either. It’s far too rough for me to work with!

  4. says

    Scrubbies are not one of the things that I have ever tried, but I must say after some of the comments here, I may have to work up a few.

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