I’ve crocheted one cap and loomed one cap for my husband.  Both still leave his ears cold.  It’s been below 10 degrees F most days this year (2010).  So, I’ve been scouting around for another pattern for him.  I finally just gave up, sorta, and took out two skeins of wool yarn and a tunisian hook.  I’m making a rectangle that will fit him and will fashion a cap to suit him.  He’s usually very easy to please – but his ears are COLD!

In my search online, I ran across some really attractive hats.  So, I gathered up some links to some free patterns for you.  Hope you like them……

This is a lovely cap – not for beginners.  I’m still waiting to learn cables:


And another beauty from the same site:


I hadn’t visited this site in a while.  It’s the source of the great ‘Magic Square Potholder’ pattern that is truly ‘magical’.

I love this cap too:


This one looks like it’s made with raffia to me, but the designer indicates that it’s very soft – would work well as a chemo cap.  I think it looks like Spring!

One more for you.  I think this cap is outstanding!!  I’m working on a simple two strands of wool cap for my husband’s bald but beautiful head – and his cold ears.  This one wouldn’t interest him – but it sure interests me. It’s on my WIM list:

So, get out your hooks and some great yarn and make a cap for someone you love!


  1. says

    I had the same issue with beanie hats. The bottom of the ear lobes stuck out. I just designed a pattern that covers the entire ear and is done using two strands of yarn. Very warm and no frozen lobes.

  2. says

    I found your site through Ghost’s Yarn Tales. I have been using this hat pattern from preemie to adult. Just add more rows to make it longer if needed. It’s very adaptable. Use one strand of yarn or 2. Makes for a very warm hat. Not sure if this is the type of hat you’re looking for but, just wanted to let you know. You can also add extra dc rows at the end to cover the ears more so that they are double covered. I made one for my husband, son & daughter and they love them.

  3. says

    Try this free crochet beanie pattern – adaptable pattern to all yarns and hook sizes – my husband loves his beanie – keeps his head warm and his ears warm.

  4. Jenny says

    Wy don’t you sew a band of fleece in? My son has a Prana crochet hat with a fleece band in it, and it’s very warm…I’ve duplicated it with success as it is an easy stitch.

    Great idea!! Thanks! jd

  5. Susan says

    I do a beanie then crochet around the back half for a few inches. Then I add flaps to the bottom and a loop on one, button on the other so it can be folded and buttoned on top. You can then make a brim on the front. I do that by crocheting around the posts on the back of the front section, then, on the second row, single crochet in the first stitch, skip next stitch, single crochet to middle, 3 sc in middle sc, sc to 2nd to last stitch which is skipped, sc in last stitch. Continue until brim is long enough — about 3 or 4 inches.

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