Cool Snow Day Rubberband Crochet

cro rubberband hat 0214

If you’ve got a kid at home younger than 18, you probably have a Rainbow loom and oodles of tiny rubberbands.  They are all the rage and they’re pretty cool.  I’ve seen very intricate bracelets made by 10 year olds.  Boys and girls both seem to be attracted to this crazy craft.  It’s inexpensive and requires only those rubberbands.  The looms are helpful but not required for making bracelets.

Pauleen Potter has come up with a nifty way to actually crochet with those little rubberbands.  For this, you will need a loom. She’s a fan of amigurumi and was inspired one day to use those rubberbands to crochet something for her amigurumi collection.  She created this cute little cap and a very detailed tutorial so you, too, can make one or more of them.  What a great snow day project for bored kids!

With Pauleen’s detailed tutorial, you should be able to get the kids started then leave them to create on their own.  However, you just might get looped in and spend your snow day the same way!


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