cRazy CuTe cRoCheT


This cap is the one that got me started searching online for other equally crazy – equally cute – crochet.  What do you think?  I love this cap!  The bright color contrasts in it really bring out the little one’s eyes.  I could see myself using all kinds of scraps of yarn to make one of these.  Toss them up in the air and use them in the order they fall.  So easy – but inspired!!

cro crazy cute 2 0114

Now, who in his or her right mind would decide to crochet an old style deep sea diver doll?  But, isn’t it cute?  You’ll find lots more crazy cuteness at Meg’s site – the crocheter who designed this particular piece of crazy cute.  Check out this little guy and more at Meg’s site.

cro crazy cute 3 0114


This is just one of the afghans you can see on this crazy cute site.   I sometimes wonder who comes up with these ideas.  One of the greatest things about crochet is how customizable it is.  Designs are so open to interpretation.  Make what you want and leave the rest alone.

cro crazy cute 4 0114

Sometimes crazy cuteness can be remarkably simple.  Just look at these guys.  They are so small but look so happy.  No idea why they came to the designer’s mind, but they are crazy cute!

I could go on and on.  You get the idea.



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    BTW: the Deep Sea Diver doll instantly put me in mind of “Sea Hunt” with Loyd Bridges, Rem’ber that old program? Every Saturday (Sunday?) Afternoon in the 60s!

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