I really like the idea of recycling old greeting cards into something attractive like this:

Mind you, this idea would work for any occasion – well, one that you can find or make greeting cards for.  What about baseball cards?  DO NOT go to the attic and pull your uncle’s 1952 Rookie cards out and crochet around them!  That would be a national tragedy in some homes.

But, there are plenty of other ways to combine paper and crochet.  Here are a few ideas:

I love these little flowers.  Crochet and affix to any purchased or home made greeting card



For a more seasonal theme, try these teensy snowflakes – or something similar.  This one sells as a finished item for about $30 – a fair price considering the delicacy of the tiny work.  But, you can create a facsimile of it with a free pattern you can easily find online –

cro snowflake for cards  1109

Stars work for many occasions – July 4, Christmas, Channukkah, Birthdays, Congratulations, etc.  Make one of these to embellish a card for that special person:

cro stars by donna  1109

For almost any occasion, you’ll find some motif that’s appropriate in free pattern form at

If the motif is larger than what you want, downsize it by using smaller hook and thread.  Or choose a different motif.  You’ll find just the right one somewhere online.  Pick the right color and size yarn/thread, make at least 3 of each motif for balance and symmetry, and stitch or glue it to a card.  Then say, ‘I made it myself!’


  1. Grandma Jo says

    I looked one night for 2 hours for this pattern. Not knowing what name it was under I never found it. Reminds me of grandma. Thanks!

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