Crochet A Customized Summer Top

cro summer top 0714

Patrice Walker has created this simple Summer top using a very customized approach.  With the information on her blog, you can create one of your own, using your choice of size, yarn, and even stitch pattern.  I love when a designer creates a ‘recipe’ for success rather than a pattern that is more difficult to customize.

Patrice goes the extra distance to show in great detail how she created her top, inspired by a very open weave top that has a similar profile.  With her drawings and notes, anyone can make a top of any size, based on clearly explained measurements and the other useful information Patrice provides.

There are plenty of other useful, handy, and creative content on Patrice’s blog.  I plan to spend more time gleaning information there.  And, this top is on my To-Do List as it is exactly the shape of easy fitting top that I prefer in warm weather.  Use Patrice’s notes and instructions and you can make one for yourself too.


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