Crochet A Cute Jar Topper

cro jar toppers 0514

Sara over at creativejewishmom has created these charming, and wonderfully easy, jar toppers for us.  I can think of a hundred different ways to use this idea!

This would be a cute way to brighten up your bathroom counter top, using glass jars you might otherwise throw out.  They are perfect for storing things like hard candies or dog treats in the pantry.

Crocheted in colors themed to every holiday, they can be used as gift containers.  Or, top them with crochet and fill them with marbles, rocks, or glitter for decorative use.  How about filling them with candle wax and a wick?

I also like the idea that this project can use up even very small amounts of leftover yarn or thread.  Sara’s idea is a winner!


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    I, too, have Downloads of Toppers. One for each occasion. I just wish that I was a machine with a hook! Can’t make everything fast enough! Thank YOU! Sheri *¿*

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