Crochet A Lacy Dress

cro lace dress 0514

This is NOT a project for a beginner, but if you can read a chart, you can recreate this stunning yet playful lacy dress/blouse.  It’s a very special look that can work as a swimsuit cover up, a dressy sweater, or a show-stopping evening  gown.

The site where you can find this masterpiece shows it in a variety of yarns, colorways, and styles – from the very casual to the dressy.


  1. GJ Amber says

    Did not care for the multi-color version but thought the solid color ones looked great. I totally admire the designer.

  2. Cindy S says

    I love the dress but the link just links to several bogus sites and I was unable to find a legitimate place to download the chart.

  3. Barbara says

    Hmmmm. I agree the solid looks slightly better but I still think it looks like it was lifted off a table.

  4. kathy banfield says

    I wish I could get the pattern! I can’t enlarge the charts enough to see properly. Has anyone found the written pattern yet? THANKS!

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