Crochet A Lampshade

How adventurous are you?  Would you dear to tear up the lampshade on an antique lamp and figure out how to create a new one in crochet?  This would be a huge stretch for me.  But, not for Laura!

Laura's Beautiful Crocheted Lampshade

Laura has taken the mystique out of this process for us by creating this great tutorial.  Now, even the meekest crocheters among us can forge forward to salvage a lamp that might otherwise wind up in the landfill.  Or, if you find a pretty lamp at a garage sale or thrift store for a few bucks, we can buy it with the confidence that we can crochet a new lampshade for it rather than have to order an expensive replacement.

I just love the look of Laura’s crocheted lampshade.  It’s definitely an improvement over those old, faded covers! The crocheted lampshade itself has an antique feel to it, enhancing what might otherwise be a very plain lamp.

I’m going to keep a close eye on Laura’s blog.  I can’t wait to see what other inventive, creative crochet ideas she comes up with!


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